6th International Conference Shaastrarth-2020 is the conference with multidisciplinary Conferences of various branches of Engineering, Sciences and Pharmacy as well, so that participants can learn according to their basic qualification, interest and research area. The conference will be held in the Rungta College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India during 19th - 20th December 2020. The conference aims at bringing out "Socio-Economic Impact of Innovations in Sciences & Engineering" Objective of the conference is to have a world class and high quality technical sessions in the conference program. All sessions are planned to be practical, significant, timely, non-commercial and relevant to all researchers. Participants are allowed to switch from one discipline to the other during the conference after their presentation. All the rules and regulations are common for all tracks including location, dates, fees, submission guidelines, accommodation, etc.

About Conference
Aims for organizing this International multidisciplinary conference are:
  • To provide a principal forum in 2020 for academicians, researchers, engineers and industrialists to share pioneering results and ideas in their specific fields for sustainable growth.
  • To assemble an exceptional list of plenary and invited speakers to inspire and inform the academicians, engineers and industrialists of the region with the best possible interaction between experts and the researchers.
  • To cover all significant advancements in different areas of research and development through oral and poster sessions for sustainable socio-economic growth.
  • To promote the education of a large number of research students working for the development of user friendly technologies allowing them to present their work and also interact with experts in the field.
  • To provide a stimulating environment for research discussion on substancial scientific issues through query sessions designed to engage the audience and opportunities for informal discussion through conference.

Scope of the Conference

The themes of all the disciplines have been chosen very close to the current research topics as we believe that intellectuals should encourage the development and diffusion of technologies. The area of expertise includes:

International Conference on Computer Sciences, Information Technology & computer Applications:

Digital India, Evolutionary algorithms, Deep Learning, Data mining, Big Data Analytics, Smart and Innovative Trends in Communication Protocols and Standards, Green and energy efficient wireless networks, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart and Innovative Trends in Image Processing and Machine Vision

International Conference on Mechanical, Automobile Engineering& Mining Technology:

Intelligent Transportation Engineering, Automotive vehicles, and Design Technology, Fuel Economy, Automotive Testing, Smart Material, Nanomaterials, CAD, Industrial Tribology, Machine Dynamics, Micro & Nano Manufacturing, 3D Printing. Mining: Societal and Economic Aspects, Mining and Safety, Mineral Engineering, Mineral Economics, Mine Reliability and Asset Management, Mine Mechanization, Mining and Environment, and Sustainable Mining.

International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering:

AI Applications, Power System, Smart Grid, Power Electronics and Drives, Control and Instrumentation, Renewable Energy, Energy Planning and Policy, 5th generation mobile networks, Optical Communication, Biomedical Signal Processing, Microwave Systems, Health care Informatics, MEMS & Sensor Technologies, Optical Interconnects & 3D Photonics.

International Conference on Civil, Environmental, Agricultural Engineering:

Advanced Construction Materials, Green Building Materials, Bridge and Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Reliability and Durability of Structures, Sustainable development of Environmental techniques. Agriculture Biotechnology, Mechanized Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food & Nutrition, Agricultural Protection and Food security, Food Processing & Technology, Agronomy, Soil Sciences and Plant Sciences.

International Conference on Basic Sciences, Biotechnology & Management:

Chemical Characterization and Synthesis of Materials, Waste Water Technology Waste Disposal and Zero Waste Techniques, Nano Technology and Plasma Physics, Nonlinear, Fuzzy Theory, Cryptography and Network Security, Optimization Techniques. Nanobiotechnology - tissue engineering, aromatic and medical plants, recent trends and modern instruments in biotechnology. New age challenges for marketing practices, communication strategies in digital era, sustainable marketing, digital economy, changing facts in retailing.

International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Drug delivery, drug discovery, drug regulation, pharmacovigilence, clinical trial, pharmaceutical analysis